Abstract Submissions

 Abstract submission deadline has passed

The Shock conference offers an opportunity to present data in both oral and poster presentations.  Some short talks will be selected from submitted abstracts. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee based on data content, originality of the work and relevance to shock and trauma areas. All abstracts accepted for presentation will be printed in the Shock Journal.

Please check below for categories and submission instructions. All abstracts must be submitted electronically. Topics include:
Cognition, Neuroinflammation and Neurogenic Shock
Compounds, Molecules and Substances (ex. ETOH, THC, etc.)
Epigenetics and Exosomes
Hemorrhagic Shock and Blood/Blood components
Military/Non-Civilian Shock
Myology, Metabolism, and Catabolism
Novel Technologies, Study Approaches and Therapeutics for the Study and Treatment of Shock
Organ Specific Failure/Insufficiency (ex. Kidney, Liver, Lung, etc.) and Cardiogenic Shock
Outcomes and the Study of Long-term/Chronic Effects of Shock

Please review the author instructions and abstract formatting instructions before you submit an abstract. Author names and affliations will be printed in the Program/Journal Supplement as provided. Be sure to provide complete and accurate information for all authors.

Please note: Abstracts should be informative, containing four sections: (a) Introduction including a statement of the study's specific objective(s); (b) Methods including experimental approach and key methods utilized in the study; (c) Results including a summary of results and statistical analysis; and (d) Conclusions. It is NOT acceptable to state, "The results will be discussed". Please see examples of Basic Science and Clinical Studies abstracts at Sample-Abstracts

Please be sure to review the abstract instructions before submitting your abstract!

To be considered for any of the Shock Society Awards listed below, you must upload the required documentation at the time of abstract submission:

New Investigator Awards
Travel Awards
Diversity Enhancement Awards
Chaudry International Award

Please note that you must be a current member in good standing to apply for a Society award.