Please be sure to review the abstract instructions below before submitting your abstract. 

DEADLINE: The deadline for submissions is Monday, March 13, 2023, at Noon ET.

PRESENTATION TYPE: You will choose between two types. 1) Oral or Poster; or 2) Poster only.

ABSTRACT TITLE: The title should be as brief as possible but should be long enough to indicate clearly the nature of the study. The title should be in all capital letters. Do not include author names or institution information in the abstract text. All abstracts will be blinded relative to institution and authors during the review/selection process. Do not put your title in quotation marks. Do not use formatting tags in the title. You may copy and paste your submission body into the appropriate sections.

ABSTRACT STRUCTURE: Abstracts should be informative, containing four sections: (a) Introduction including a statement of the study's specific objective(s); (b) Methods including experimental approach and key methods utilized in the study; (c) Results including a summary of results and statistical analysis; and (d) Conclusions. It is NOT acceptable to state, "The results will be discussed". Please see examples of Basic Science and Clinical Studies abstracts HERE.

ABSTRACT LIMIT: There are no restrictions on the number of abstracts you may submit. An individual can be named as first author on more than one abstract. However, an individual may be the first author on only one abstract accepted for oral presentation.

  • 1. Abstracts from the same first author not accepted for oral presentation will be eligible for poster presentation.
  • 2. All accepted abstracts will be included in SHOCK Supplement issue.

AUTHORS: Please enter all authors in the order they should appear in the heading of the abstract. If you (the Contact Author) are not the Presenter on a submission, you will need to provide contact information on the Presenter.

INSTITUTIONS/AFFILIATIONS: Author names and affiliations will be listed in the SHOCK Supplement Program. Be sure to provide complete and accurate information for all authors. Please enter all the institutional affiliations for your authors prior to adding the authors. You do not need to enter institutions in a particular order to be able to designate author affiliations. After entering all affiliations, please proceed to the next step of adding author(s) and then associating them with the entered affiliations.

CHARACTER LIMIT AND TABLES/IMAGES: There is a limit of 3000 character count for the ENTIRE abstract. The font style and size for submission should be Arial – font size 12. The character count includes title, body text, spaces, and figure or table. Only one Figure (in color or black and white) or one Table is allowed for each abstract and it will appear at the end of your abstract. The maximum Figure or Table size (when reproduced) will not exceed 3.5 inches wide by 1.5 inches in height. Reduce your image to 3.5 x 1.5 to see if it is still legible.Table must be created in the “Tables” section. Please do NOT submit any table as an image file. Illegible Figure or failure to follow the above rules may render your abstract unacceptable and/or your figure or table will be excluded completely. All illustrations should be of professional quality (only .pdf, .png, .jpg, or .jpeg file can be accepted) and image resolution must be at least 300 DPI.

  • 1. Please note that artwork generated from office suite programs such as CorelDRAW and MS Word and artwork downloaded from the Internet cannot be used.
  • 2. You will be advised of your character count usage throughout the submission process as you save and move to the next step.

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FEE: A fee of $30 (payable by credit card Visa/MasterCard only) will be required for each submitted abstract.

AWARD APPLICATION: Please note, you must be a current member in good standing to apply for a Society award.

DISCLOSURES: You will be asked to complete specific disclosures in order to finalize your submission.

ABSTRACT PROOF: Please proof your abstract carefully making sure all characters and formatting are displayed properly. If you find errors, return to the appropriate page by clicking on the page name in the left-hand menu to make corrections. If you have not completed all required sections, you will not be able to proceed with submission. When all required information is entered, the "Submit" button will appear at the bottom for final action.

ABSTRACT ACCEPTANCE: All abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee. An abstract may be rejected for presentation either because it is uninformative or because of errors, such as incorrect abbreviations, misspelled words, or failure to follow the instructions. Abstracts not meeting the required guidelines will not be accepted. Authors will receive notification of acceptance and presentation schedule three months before the meeting. At that time, authors of accepted abstracts will be requested to submit their manuscript(s) for consideration for publication in SHOCK.

PUBLICATION: All abstracts accepted for presentation will be included in SHOCK Supplement. Please submit original work not previously published and prepare manuscripts according to the instructions published in SHOCK.

SUBMISSION OR MEETING QUESTIONS: If you have questions regarding the submission criteria or questions, please contact the Shock Society Meeting Management at [email protected].

FOR BEST RESULTS, cut and paste the text of your abstract from a Microsoft Word document into the field provided. You may also type the text of your abstract into the main text field. Images and charts may be included. Do not include the author(s) information or title in the abstract text area.

Please note that artwork generated from office suite programs such as CorelDRAW and MS Word and artwork downloaded from the Internet cannot be used. Color figures are allowed but all figures will be printed in black and white in the SHOCK supplement. Abstract reviewers will be able to view figures online in color. You will be advised of your character count usage throughout the submission process as you save and move to the next step.